Eligibility for Membership

Membership is available to:

  1. persons who
    • share the common bond by living or working within a 5 mile radius of Carrickmacross town centre.
    • members of the same household and family of another credit union member who works in these localities, or
  2. incorporated or unincorporated bodies, a majority of whose members are persons who share the common bond;whose applications have been approved for membership by the Credit Union in accordance with this policy and
    • have paid the entrance fee of €0.63c for Adults & 10cent for Juveniles and
    • have paid for the minimum share value of €6.35.


Common Bond Area

common bond townload areas are highlighted in bold

common bond townland areas are highlighted in bold


Membership ends in the event of:

  • account closure
  • ceasing to hold the minimum shareholding
  • death
  • expulsion in accordance with the credit union rules or
  • discovery of a defect in a member’s eligibility for membership at the time of their admission, but does not end in the event of a member ceasing to hold the common bond.