Standard Share Account

Carrickmacross Credit Union offers a credit union share account for savings. Each member of Carrickmacross Credit Union holds shares, making them part owner of the Credit Union. Every share may earn a dividend, which is the return you earn on your savings, paid out of the surplus income of Carrickmacross Credit Union every year.


DIRT (Deposit Interest Retention Tax)

  • All relevant dividends and interest earned in accounts in the credit union are subject to DIRT tax at the prevailing rate, i.e 41%.  The dividend is posted net to the account every year which means you will have no further tax liability on this income and there are no Revenue reporting requirements or member declarations attached to this account.
  • There are a number of exemptions allowed for by law.

Joint Accounts

A Joint Account (where one of the members is over 65) will only qualify for the DIRT exemption where the qualifying account holders are a married couple or civil partners (when making the declaration)and your (and your spouse or civil partner’s )total income for the year will be below the relevant annual exemption limit.  Current limit is €18,000 for an individual and €36,000 for married or civil partnership.


Minor Accounts

Minor accounts are not exempt from DIRT