Dear Sir/Madam,


I got a loan from Carrickmacross Credit Union last month, and I would just like to commend your staff on their courtesy, friendliness and expertise. I made a number of phone calls, and each time I was referred to by my name, and any question I asked, was answered immediately. As a result of this, I got all the information I needed without pressing options and talking to a machine as I have had to do with my bank. As I had the information of what to bring with me, when I went into the Credit Union, my loan was dealt with very quickly and easily. Again, the friendliness and personal service of the staff was there, and the process was very easy.


It is such a pleasure to deal with real people and be treated well. It is unusual these days when we are expected to do everything by machine and when you feel you are only a number.


Thanking you and your staff again.